So many new people are joining Mastodon, I recommend using Fedifinder every few days to find all your Twitter follows who just showed up. And put your Mastodon handle somewhere in your Twitter name/description/url so these tools can find you!

Dual-screening Mastodon and Twitter like one of the dudes in the Matrix watching Neo and Morpheus fight

@bcantrill really looking forward to watching this. such a great topic 🙏

In 2019 I gave the last talk at #Monktoberfest and this year, @amcasari and I gave the opening talk! The video was just posted today.

Sing along with us as we chronicle some events in #OpenSource history...when we broke the internet!

Thanks to the Monktoberfest crew for having us and generally being wonderful 💜

The video for my talk at #monktoberfest is now up, and I would like to make an unusual request: please watch it.

As @monkchips pointed out after the talk, it's not just a talk about how we think about youth, but me reflecting on my own transition into adulthood (and parenthood!) -- and the responsibilities we have to younger technologists.

I am grateful to @sogrady -- as I have been so many times before -- for the venue uniquely suited to this talk; thank you!

@ellie no better project for a first talk! it is really awesome!

Maybe with this new stage of rebooting social, we can create weird web experiences like we used to.

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